One of those nights….

Tonight is one of those nights where I close my eyes and transport all that I am to this place….the sound of the ocean filling me with a sweet repetitive melody that lulls all worry, all uncertainty, all negativity from the frames that play within the walls of my mind…

Some nights I find myself on a memory rollercoaster ride, reliving all the ups and downs of life this past 36 years….and it is quite shocking how much peace that can actually be found within ones self and gods will as I grow older. I see my life as a huge puzzle, each piece fitting together in perfect unison and building me into the woman I have become and continue to be.  I have been extremely blessed in my life, even through the great hardships, always continueally blessed beyond what I could quite comprehend at the time. 

I have come to understand that part of finding peace within it all is being open to the feelings that all of life has given to me, even in nights like these where I engage one of my happy places to find serenity when needed. 


Here comes 2017

For the life of me, I have no clue where 2016 went…Seems like I closed my eyes for a 10 minute catnap and woke up to the entire year gone.  My daughter who I swear I still look at and see that bouncing toddler with the multitude of ringlets and contagious  belly laugh is now almost as tall as I am…(not that 5’4″ is tall by any means but any mom will easily get my point). At 36, I spend more time than I would like to admit standing in front of the mirror removing annoying grey hairs that seem to multiply by the day. I wake up some days wondering when the hell my body decided it was going to start falling apart, and why I couldn’t have been told how much a woman’s body changes after 30. I once ate everything I wanted when I wanted, never gave a second thought about how many boxes (yes I said boxes lol) of cookies I went through in any given amount of time, cause I simply never gained a pound. My body creaks and cracks and calls the shots now. I get overly emotional  at little things and yet somehow bigger things trigger a response of sheer strength that sometimes shocks everyone around me. Yep, even with all of my quirks,one thing I know without a doubt….. I’m one pretty damn hardheaded and strong woman….because I made the choice years ago to be that way!  So, bring it on 2017. I’m here and I’m hoping you slow down just a bit so that I can take each and every moment in. ☺️

Never be afraid to be all that you are…

This is the post excerpt.

As a woman, there are many days that I find myself asking “Have I been all that I can be today? Have I given every ounce of myself to those around me and the things that I do?”  Truth is, I have absolutely no idea if I have even transcended through the surface of all that I am capable of. But one thing I have learned as I get older,  as long as your focus is being who you are and putting your heart into every single day, you will always be your own superwoman!