A new beginning….

I have seen more political posts on my newsfeed over the last few days than I did all during the time leading up to election…I continually try to close my eyes and pray to God to help each and every person to stop just for a moment, so he/she can remember that WE are what makes America….not the President. We THE PEOPLE are the ones that define America by our actions and our lives, not ONE man.  Trump may hurt us or he may end up doing a world of good and learning alot and end up bettering himself as well as us along the way…but any of us turning against each other is what is going to set the tone for the future…I personally want to see America coming back TOGETHER, instead of continuing to divide ourselves amidst others. I want us to learn how to respect each other and how to accept that we can all live in peace if each of us truly wants the best for our future generations. Those generations are WATCHING us, and quite frankly what they are being shown as “acceptable behavior” is not even close to ok.  We need to stop and remember that we will never grow stronger if we continue to be divided….


Author: eyyoslifeinrotation

I am a wife and mom just writing about my own thoughts and experiences.

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