To my love…my husband of ten years

Growing up I seeked solace

Within silent fantasies

Daydreaming of a life filled with valor

And the comforts of normalcy

And though I tried to remove the chains

Of years of rivalry

It’s hands still gripped the very heart

I so desperately wanted freed

The days were blurred and unforgiving

As the nights exposed the truths

Just a girl trying to surpass

The realities of being used

So within the greatest chance I had

I left it all behind

And though things did not go as planned

They only turned out to refine

Those yesterdays were finally broken through

By a man who would withstand

The questions and the inner pain

He’d support me through by hand

So though the journey was just that

He led me not astray

And we found love that forever bound

The two hearts which remained

So to that man I now confess

He is my guiding star

Sent down to light the way from the darkness

With his honest heart


Author: eyyoslifeinrotation

I am a wife and mom just writing about my own thoughts and experiences.

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