Remember to notice those moments…

Love isn’t measured by the number of verbal “I love you’s”, but instead by the actions that prove loudest…

Emily Y.

When you get married, people always like to explain how no marriage is absolutely perfect and that there will be days of arguments and issues and that you must remember acceptance, compromise and to be humble. But that’s not what I am wanting to share with you…I want to tell you what others dont always say. Marriage will bring stunningly beautiful moments like you never could have imagined…moments that cause the world to literally disappear all around you to bring God’s clarity and an utmost joy that only comes from absolute, pure love. It’s in moments where the world may be caving in around you and yet somehow your partner does or says the simplest thing that immediately calms your soul and brings back your smile. It’s these moments that build your marriage so strong that nothing or no one but god himself could ever break the will of that love. It may be the way your partner gazes at you with a honesty that makes you feel complete, the simple touch of a hand as you pass hurriedly through hectic chaos in the hall, or the way when you have no single ounce of fight left within you he, without a single word, picks you up and carries you through the storm. These are the gifts that God will bestow upon your marriage as you walk through the years. May you never forget to stop and notice each and every one of these moments đź’—


Author: eyyoslifeinrotation

I am a wife and mom just writing about my own thoughts and experiences.

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